Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Big Announcement Will Drive Kim Crazy

Kendall and Kylie jennerWatch out, Kim Kardashian, there are two new mobile game app queens in town. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have announced that they are working on their mobile phone game, probably in response to the fact that Kim's app was so ridiculously successful. (Seriously, who would have thought?)


While Kim promoted the as-yet-released K&K app on Twitter, she's probably pretty pissed -- after all, this could take gamers away from her app. Less money for Kimmy, more for K&K!

Now, I haven't played Kim's game, never even thought about it, but from what I hear, you get "points" towards become a superstar if you do things like shop or date a celebrity. Wow, what a deep, insightful, soul-nourishing type of game.

Anyway, the gamer people are no doubt hard at work figuring out ways that people can earn points on Kendall and Kylie's game, but I'm guessing that some will be:

- Lips grow. And keep growing = 10 points

- Get a modeling job = 20 points

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- Date someone way older than you, and somehow no one gets arrested = 25 points

- Post a selfie to Instagram that causes controversy = 30 points

- Post a selfie to Instagram where you look weirdly like your older sister = 35 points

- Be seen with Justin Bieber = 40 points

- Date someone famous like, say, Harry Styles = 50 points

- Have a rumored affair with your sister's longtime boyfriend = 100 points

See, I could totally make games for a living. Don't be stealing my ideas now, gamer dudes and dudettes!

What do you think Kylie and Kendall's game will be like?


Image via kendalljenner/Instagram

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