Scott Disick's Rehab Stint Is Even Worse Than We Expected

scott disick

It's no secret that Scott Disick has his share of demons. Any loyal Kardashian fan has seen The Lord drink way too much (among other things) on way too many occasions. So when we heard that Disick entered a rehab facility in Costa Rica on Monday, we weren't surprised. In fact, we were happy. But, now there are rumblings, saying that Disick's "rehab" may all just be a publicity stunt. Seriously, dude?


According to Hollywood Life, Disick was paid to enter the facility. A source said, "Scott was paid to go to rehab. He won’t be there for 30 days and no legit rehab facility would ever send out a press release." This, of course, is in reference to the fact that Rythmia Life Advancement Center, the facility Disick is currently at, released a statement on his behalf.

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While it's certainly a bizarre story -- I mean, seriously, who's ever gotten paid to enter rehab? -- it doesn't seem completely out there when you think about it. It is incredibly strange for a facility to send out a press release on a patient's behalf. Places like that usually exercise extreme discretion.

For Scott, Kourtney, and their children's sake, I hope Disick has entered rehab because he needs help, as opposed to money. Not only would that be incredibly warped for him to check into a facility for a pay day when he clearly needs guidance, he's sort of poking fun at his -- and other people's -- issues. Not cool, LD. Not cool at all.

Do you believe Scott would do something like this as a publicity stunt?


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