Kim Kardashian's Waist Basically Vanishes in Concerning New Selfie (PHOTO)

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Quick Q: When you're cleaning up and organizing your stuff at the end of the day, what are you wearing? If I were a betting woman, I'd say sweatpants and a ratty old T. Kim Kardashian, though? She LOLs in the face of any article of clothing with the word "sweat" in it. On Monday night, Kim posted a bed time selfie in which she has that ridiculous waist-training corset on again. Kim's crazy hourglass figure makes her look like a cartoon character in the shot.


Who looks like this when they're tidying up before going to sleep? Never mind the corset, Kim has on a fancy outfit and full makeup. Is she human? I'm starting to think she's the creation of Russian scientists.

I suppose if I looked like this while I was cleaning out underneath my cabinet, I'd snap a selfie, also. But, like I said, that's so not the case 'round these parts. I'm more of a hair-in-a-bun, contacts-out, Biore-pore-strip-on-my-nose kinda gal. (JK -- do they even still make those?)

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Anyway! The bottom line is, well, Kim is ridiculous. She's an incredibly beautiful woman, but this waist-training business she's trying to promote has gotta stop. Not only does it seem wildly uncomfortable and somewhat unhealthy, what kind of message is she sending? Surely, she doesn't think a waist this small and a bottom that big looks ... good, right? It's all just too much. And so unrealistic.

I truly believe that it's impossible for Kim to look bad in life, but I'm still waiting for the day where she posts a true behind-the-scenes, makeup-free photo. We're all dying to see how the sausage is made already.

What do you think of this waist-training business?


Image Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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