Kanye West Tweets Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian Because of Course He Did

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

When it comes to romance, some men like to go the traditional route and shower their wives with roses and chocolates (or whatever.) But then you have more modern dudes like Kanye West, who just tweeted naked pictures of Kim Kardashian as a means of celebration for her reaching 30 million Twitter followers.


Oh yes, he did. (Are you really all that surprised?)

And even though pretty much everyone on the earth has seen nude photos of Kim before, we still can't help but gasp a little bit at the sight of her in the buff over and over again in his Twitter stream.


Whoa. Now that's what I call true love, people. Doesn't Kanye have a special knack for keeping it classy?

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I mean, nothing quite says "I adore the hell outta my wife" like plastering her naked body all over your social media accounts, so we have to give Kanye props for not holding anything back.

Gah. He sure gives the dudes who gush about their perfect wives on Facebook a run for their money, doesn't he? They're really nothing but a bunch of amateurs. (Eye roll.)

Do you think these pictures are romantic or degrading?


Image via TGB/Splash News

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