'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is Perfect Easter Reading -- Wait, What?

A bookstore in Jackson, Mississippi has suggested an interesting way for Christians to observe Easter this year: they can attend a morning prayer service, dress their daughters in their finest bonnets, tuck into a lamb lunch—and recite a few pages from Fifty Shades of Grey at the dinner table! A Christian blogger named Barry Simmons unleashed his fury after noticing Books-A-Million had stacked E.L. James' trilogy in a display beneath a sign that reads: "It's Easter. What we recommend."


Simmons posted a photo of the display on Books-A-Million's Facebook wall and, I must admit, if the intention was to turn heads, they sure will:

I can certainly understand where Simmons is coming from when he posted the message, "Based on this display in your Jackson MS store, should we assume it is consistent with your company values to associate the Holy Day of Easter with porn? Please take this down."

Easter is a sacred holiday in which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In a hundred million years, no one would make a connection between the son of God and Christian Grey. What were they thinking?

To their credit, Books-A-Million responded directly on its Facebook page:

As I personally am inclined to agree with your view, I would happily take down this display. However, Books a Million corporate does not view E. L. James work as porn, nor does a vast percentage of Americans whom purchased the book and/or viewed the movie. It is BAM policy to display seasonal titles at the top of our ranks and top selling items beneath. We do apologize for any discomfort this pairing may have caused and invite you to make a complaint with our corporate offices at your earliest convenience.

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This past weekend, we learned that Boston College's bookstore decided to remove all copies of Fifty Shades and its sequels from shelves because of complaints. The MAJOR difference is that BC is a private Jesuit Catholic university. Books-A-Million has no such ties. The store could place copies of Fifty Shades under images of saints and apostles if it chose to and couldn't, technically, be forced to change a thing.

Now, considering how more than 67 percent of people living in Jackson are religious, this heathen is going to throw in her two cents and say, purely from a business perspective, the store is NUTS for doing this. Are they asking for a boycott? And is it really worth it? Folks who are looking to buy a copy of Fifty Shades are going to be able to find the book regardless of whether it appears in a strange display case or on a table far, far away from any mention of the word "Easter."

What do you think about this display case? Should the bookstore keep this up?


Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr


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