Kim Kardashian's Visit to Fertility Doctor Is a Real Eye-Opener

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Despite the fact that some people have referred to North West as an accessory for Kim Kardashian, the reality star has made it very clear that she and Kanye want another baby. In fact, the couple wants a little brother or sister for North so badly that Kim visited a fertility doctor. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, of course.


If you happened to catch the premiere of KUWTK on Sunday, you saw Kim lying on an examining table, telling her doctor that she and Kanye have sex "500 times a day." You also saw her lying on her bed, not moving, because she wanted to give Kanye's sperm a chance to "swim up there." In other words, the woman wants another baby. Now.

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Even though Kim was open about potentially having fertility issues on her show before she became pregnant with North, it's somewhat surprising that she would be just as open this time. It seems so much more personal this time since she's actively trying. Before she was just taking precautionary measures -- she wasn't trying to have a baby. I don't know. Does anyone else feel this way? Is anything sacred to her?

For her sake -- and North's, of course -- I hope Kim gets pregnant soon. Clearly, she wants more kids and it would be great for North to be a big sister. But also, she's just let the entire world into her bedroom, so to speak. If things get really tough and she's trying for a long while to no avail, does she really want everyone in on that? Seems like an awfully personal issue to bring to the public's attention -- even for Kim Kardashian.

Do you think Kim is wrong in being so public about her struggle?


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