Leah & Brandon Jenner Are Expecting a Baby

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Ah-ha! Someone from the Kardashian-Jenner clan is pregnant after all. Wondering who it is? Leah Jenner! In an adorable Instagram post, Brandon and Leah revealed that they're expecting their first baby. Congrats to the nauseatingly adorable couple! Here's to hoping Leah gives birth to a sweet little bundle with the world's tiniest man-bun! Check out the couple's sweet announcement:


Awww. So happy for these two. They definitely are among the saner of the Kardashian-Jenner bunch, and they're super in love. No doubt, they'll make awesome parents.

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I'm wondering now, though, if this is who the Kardashians were hinting was pregnant a few weeks ago when they were trying to get everyone hyped for the the tenth season of their show. Remember when Khloe posted a photo of a positive pregnancy test, with the caption, "Who's pregnant? Kim? Khloe? Kendall?" My guess is she was talking about Leah. It's just too coincidental that Leah and Brandon announced this yesterday -- the same day Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered.

Kim has made it very clear that she and Kanye are trying for baby #2, but I would be pretty surprised if she -- or Khloe or Kendall -- happened to be expecting, also. I know there are a lot of members of this family, but two pregnancies at once? Slim chance.

Then again, if there's one thing Kim Kardashian doesn't seem to be keen on, it's other people stealing the spotlight from her, so let's not all die of shock if in a few days we hear Kim is expecting, also. I'm sure Leah will be thrilled.

Congrats to Leah and Brandon!

Do you think Kim will announce a pregnancy soon?


Image via Leah Jenner/Instagram

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