Kylie Jenner's Sheer Black T-Shirt: Too Sexy or Totally Stylish? (PHOTO)

One of these days we're all going to find out Kylie Jenner is actually 30. When we do, we'll breathe a sigh of relief because it will explain a great deal, including how in the world her face is sculpted like a statue's when she should probably still be battling baby fat AND the insane see-through T-shirt she recently wore to an event.


It takes a lot to get us talking about a Kardashian/Jenner outfit, especially after Kim broke us in one too many times with her nude latex jumpsuits and fur bikinis. Kylie, who is 17, has made a few questionable style decisions in the past, but the truth is she is probably the second most conservative dresser in her family, after big sis Kendall.

When Kylie does go all out, she usually takes interesting, edgy fashion risks that border on punk. But "typical Hollywood sexpot" wasn't always her go-to style. What we always loved about her was that if she, for example, wore a super-short skirt and fishnet stockings, she'd typically cover herself completely on top or maybe even wear a long jacket with her ensemble to cool down the sex appeal.

Times are changing and the teen is embracing some of Kim and Khloe's more risque looks—this sheer black top she wore to a London fashion event is proof of that:

Obviously, she's a gorgeous girl. But is this really something a child—a high school student—should be wearing in public?

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I don't know what you looked like at 17, but I can tell you I found a photo of myself around that age the other day and I had chipmunk cheeks and was wearing an unfortunate shade of brown lipstick. And my mother would have locked me in my room for a year had I attended an event in my black bra.

At this rate, what is Kylie going to wear when she's 25? Slow down, girl!

What do you think of Kylie's sexier looks and this shirt?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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