Kylie Jenner May Be Using Something Worse Than Lip Fillers

Kylie JennerIt's bad enough that at 17 years old Kylie Jenner has injected her lips full of so much filler that she is barely recognizable from what she looked like only a couple of years ago -- but now she is using wrinkle cream?! This isn't some weird rumor, she actually posted on Instagram that she uses Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix daily. What wrinkles?!!!


Now, it's quite possible that Kylie was just posting this to get some money from Viper, who is presumably paying her -- but even so, shame on a company for asking a 17-year-old to shill for wrinkle cream!

The cream doesn't even say it prevents wrinkles, it says it fixes them. Am I the only one here who is completely confused? In what bizarro world does a 17-year-old girl even know what a wrinkle is, let alone have one to fix? sensibly asked a doctor what a 17-year-old girl who is concerned about wrinkles should do and the doctor very sensibly advised that young women should use sunscreen if they are worried about wrinkles -- future wrinkles -- since the sun causes 90 percent of them (and, um, presumably a little something called aging causes the rest).

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Sure, cosmetics companies have using young women who don't need skincare products to shill for skincare products for a long time (including Kendall, who was signed by Estee Lauder) but a wrinkle fix cream? On a 17-year-old? Has the world gone mad?

And Kylie should be ashamed for even implying that teen girls need to worry about wrinkles -- because surely her fans will wonder about it now!

Do you think Kylie should be using wrinkle cream?

Image via kyliejenner/Instagram


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