Prince William Has Had Just About Enough of Kate Middleton's Mum in the Palace

Not even royalty can escape the dreaded monster-in-law! Although it seems as though Duchess Catherine has put up with quite a lot from her in-laws (all those royal regulations and whatnot), rumor around the palace is that it's Prince William who is being driven up the wall by Kate's mum!


Carole Middleton has apparently been staying at Kensington Palace (in her two-bedroom annex, I suppose?) in order to help out with her very pregnant daughter, who is due with her second child in April.

Kate and Wills are already parents to 1-year-old George, and she has had notorious difficult pregnancies with both children. It must be such a blessing to have her mama around to help out, right?

Maybe not. According to sources, Carole is making her son-in-law just a wee bit nutso. An insider told OK! magazine, "She means well ... But William could really use a break from the in-laws."

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Not only that, but apparently she's been after Kate's hubby for not being progressive enough when it comes to household chores! The source also revealed that Carole has been "nagging him about cleaning up the dinner dishes!"

Who knew royals did their own dishes? Then again, Will and Kate have always been much more hands-on than we'd normally expect out of royalty. But does his mother-in-law really hang around and nag him about dishes?

Meh, probably not. But with how sick the Duchess has been, and how much she's likely been relying on her mom for the help, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that Prince William is more than eager for things to get back to normal. And, you know, to meet his new son or daughter.

Did you think Kate's mom is driving William crazy?


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