Kate Middleton May Have Slipped & Revealed Baby's Gender

Kate MiddletonIt's not too long now before we discover if Kate Middleton is having a baby prince or princess, but most rumors have focused the again-mom-to-be-having a girl. The latest seems a bit more solid though: An eyewitness apparently caught the Duchess shopping for baby clothes -- girls baby clothes!


This rumor is a bit more credible than most because the witness is willing to put her name to the tidbit -- and she's the owner of a childrenswear store. The woman, Segolene Tresca, tells People magazine that Kate came in and was intently browsing all of the girls clothing -- not the boys.

While that seems like it would seal the deal -- I have another theory. Kate enjoys messing with us! Remember when she was pregnant with George she did the exact same thing? Remember how she said, "Thank you, I will take this for my da --" and then cut off her sentence? But we all thought she was having a girl?

Anyway, it's quite possible Kate doesn't know the sex of her child, many choose to keep it a secret, but she might get a feeling it's a boy or girl -- and then she turns out to be wrong.

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It must be tough to be Kate though -- even if she knows which sex the baby is, it's not like she can go out and buy clothes for him or her. If she did, everyone would know the sex. So if she does go to a children's store and she knows the sex, she has to sort of try to eye things up in secret -- and clearly that didn't work here.

Everyone seems very set on Kate having a girl this time -- but let's remember Diana had two boys, and gender is passed down through the father. So there might be a lot of boy genes in the Windsor line!

Do you think she really did this and if so did she just reveal the sex?


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