Kim Kardashian Blasted for Putting North West In Seriously Dangerous Position

Kim Kardashian

When you're name is Kim Kardashian, you can't do/say/wear much without being criticized -- and today is no different, friends. A few days ago, Kim posted a sweet photo of herself putting her daughter to bed. In the shot, Kim is reading to North -- well, as much as you can read while taking a selfie -- and shortly after the pic was posted, the Internet exploded, judging Kim's parenting skills. See, in the shot, North is wearing a necklace -- and as any mom knows, putting a toddler to bed in a necklace is a big no-no.


Most of the comments came from Kim's Instagram followers, who always have a love-hate relationship with the reality star. People called her out for putting her daughter at risk for choking or strangling while she's sleeping, due to the pearl necklace she's wearing. But! Here's the thing, though: North clearly isn't sleeping in the photo -- so why doesn't everyone, you know, shut up?

Reading books before bedtime!

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It isn't every day that I'll come to Kim's defense. I happen to think a lot -- okay, most -- of the things she does are completely asinine. However, calling someone a bad mom off of one photo is quite the slippery slope. Odds are, Kim took the necklace off her daughter after bed time stories were over. Doesn't anyone else have a toddler who demands to bring/wear something completely ridiculous to bed and you agree to, barring they give it back to you before they fall asleep?

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People will always look for something to bash Kim about, and while quite often I'm on board, I refuse to hop on this bandwagon. Kim may not be the queen of stellar decisions, but she's definitely not an idiot.

Do you think Kim did anything wrong?


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