Bruce Jenner Documentary Series on Hold Indefinitely

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner may be eager to transition into a woman, but he apparently is not in a rush to film his docuseries about it. TMZ reports that Bruce has put a stop to filming the reality series that will document his transition as he feels that it's putting a lot of pressure on his kids, and he wants them to be "psychologically ready" for the change.


A source told TMZ that Bruce wants to make sure that his kids are "in a good place" and can handle seeing him go through the transition. That makes sense. I mean, think about it. They are going to see him go through an enormous change. He is reportedly getting hormone therapy, which means his voice will change; he will develop breasts; he will begin to look very different. He will probably act different too. (Watch the documentary Chaz did on his transition from female to male if you want to see how different hormone therapy can make a person.)

Also, he will reportedly undergo sex change surgery.

All that on top of which he will likely start dressing like a woman, as well as being asked to be called by a different name. I'd want to make sure my kids can handle it too!

I think it's great that Bruce is putting his kids before the docuseries, though I'm sure getting his story told means a lot to him -- and to the LGBT community. But you have to put your children first.

We've already heard that Brody and Brandon have seen Bruce dressed like a woman at his Malibu home -- so they are already witnessing a lot and going through a lot. And we've already heard that Kendall and Kylie were told the news by Bruce, and that he broke it to them rather matter-of-factly. I'm sure they have a lot to process too.

A transgender person goes through a big change, but so does that person's family. Especially with children, it's important to be sensitive to them and their needs.

However, at the end of the day, Bruce's children are all adults now (with the possible exception of Kylie) and this is Bruce's life -- he needs to make the change at his own pace, too.

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But it wasn't just concern over his children -- Bruce also wants to concentrate on the aftermath of the deadly car crash he was involved in.

TMZ says that the docuseries will happen eventually -- it's just uncertain when. Bruce's rumored interview with Diane Sawyer will apparently air as planned.

Do you think Bruce is right to put his series on hold?


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