Robert Pattinson Could Have Been Leonardo DiCaprio, But Then 'Twilight' Happened

Robert pattinsonWe all thought Twilight made Robert Pattinson's career, but to hear director David Cronenberg tell it, it did the opposite. Cronenberg, who loves working with RPattz so much that he cast him in two films, Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, says everyone's favorite vampire is underrated as an actor thanks to all of that Twi "silliness." Harumph!


The venerable director told The Daily Beast:

I think he's a really good actor, and I think he was an underrated actor because of the stiffness and silliness of Twilight and those characters in it.

Hm, well, that's all well and good, but Cronenberg seems to forget he wouldn't have even cast Robert if it wasn't for Twilight. Chances are, RPattz wouldn't have even made it to an audition with the auteur if he wasn't already famous -- additionally, Cronenberg himself admits that Robert's fame is what allowed him to get his projects financed, so there's that.

But is RPattz being underrated as an actress because of Twilight? Maybe. It's hard to say. I mean, Kristen Stewart isn't having this problem, she just won the French equivalent of the Academy Award. And, if anything, she was stiffer than RPattz in the movies.

I think if Rob is going to prove himself as an actor, he just has to keep on taking difficult roles and showing he can do them -- much as Leonardo DiCaprio had to do after Titanic. Sure, actors get pigeon-holed for awhile, but it's up to them to peck their way out of the hole.

Rob told Reuters that he went for a year barely working and, as he was about to turn 30, he kind of panicked and decided that would never happen to him again. So he started working like crazy. He says:

I think it's suddenly getting up to 30 as well and you're just like 'Argh! I need to do loads of stuff!' So I'm definitely going to be much more productive. Up until 'Twilight,' I was really just auditioning for absolutely everything and just trying to get anything so I guess that's a sort of different career. But afterwards it's so rare that I find anything not only that I like, but that I feel like I can add something to or do at all.

Not to bring up Kristen here, but okay, to bring up Kristen -- it's kind of a shame these two broke up when they did, because it seems like they would have both enjoyed experiencing this stage of their careers with each other -- with both of them going out for gritty, Al Pacino-esque acting jobs.

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On the other hand, maybe their painful break-up now gives them the gravitas to play these kinds of roles that they wouldn't have had before. So, yeah, we're glad they broke up.

Just kidding!

Do you agree that RPattz's acting career was harmed by Twilight?

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