Kim Kardashian's Blond Hair Might Be More Fake Than We Thought

Kim Kardashian

Ha! We knew there had to be some sort of a catch when she made such a bold transformation! Get this one -- supposedly Kim Kardashian's blond hair might actually be a wig, which means she didn't go and destroy her gorgeous natural brunette locks after all. (Whaaaaa?)


An insider examined a photo of Kim's head and told RadarOnline:

The first top quarter of her hair in the front is bleached, but the rest isn't. It's bleached on the top and sides, and the rest is a wig.

Another source added:

It's parted perfectly and at different lengths and you always see the front of her head so it looks like it's all normal, but it's trickery. The rest of her hair is still brown. Just watch, you'll see her go back to brunette like it's no problem at all complete with healthy, shiny hair.

OMG. This totally makes sense, people! When she first debuted her blond, then stark-white new hue, most of us were all, "Good luck, honey! There's no deep conditioner on this earth that's going to be strong enough to smooth out your strands after this much processing!"

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Seriously, given how much of an emphasis Kim places on looking perfect from head to toe, do you really think she'd go and ruin her hair on a whim?

Nope. No way. A wig is the only plausible explanation, and I honestly don't know why we didn't assume that's what was going on right from the beginning. Getting blond highlights is one thing, but going totally platinum is another, and given how out of character it seemed for Kim, we should've guessed that something fishy was going on.

Unfortunately for Kim, it looks like the jig, er, the wig is up. Odds are good she'll be back to her natural hue in a matter of days now that the cat is out of the bag.

Did you suspect that Kim was wearing a wig?


Image via Gigi Iorio/Splash News

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