Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Turn on Each Other at Fashion Week

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Okay, you guys. We need to talk about something. What the hell is going on with Kim Kardashian's outfits at Paris Fashion Week? I get that she's got a new look and is high fashion lady extraordinaire right now, but some of the things Kim's wearing are just plain weird. And Kendall Jenner agrees. In fact, Kendall is annoyed at Kim's wardrobe choices during PFW -- not so much the weirdness of them, but the risque-ness ... and it's kind of hard to blame her.


A source told to Hollywood Life, "Kendall loves her older sister to death, but she really wishes Kim would dress more conservatively. She doesn’t know why Kim wants to show off her boobs so badly, as it just gives haters ammunition." Kendall, of course, is talking about the insane "double nip-slip" outfit Kim wore last week -- among others.

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It's easy to see where Kendall is coming from here, being that she wants to be taken seriously as a model -- a model who made it on her own terms -- and Kim is making that awfully hard. Also, Kim is completely stealing the spotlight from her sister when it's supposed to be "her" week strutting her stuff down the runway.

The fact is, we're never going to be able to keep our eyes off of Kim or stop talking about what she's doing, but it seems like she's really gone above and beyond to be the center of attention these past few weeks with her crazy hair and wild outfits. That's gotta be a pain for Kendall. I mean, seriously, how do you compete with someone who's got white hair and no shirt on? It can't be easy.

Do you think Kim is trying to upstage Kendall?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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