Kate Middleton's Odd Pregnancy Comment Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

kate middleton

There aren't a lot of things the Duchess says/does/wears/eats/drinks that I can say, "Hey! I totally get that." But Kate Middleton's recent comments on "forgetting she's pregnant" I totally get. While making one of her final public appearances at the Turner Contemporary Art Museum and Resort Studios in Margate, Kent, England, Kate mentioned that not only does she still chase after Prince George at eight months pregnant, the fact that she's pregnant actually slips her mind time again. Welcome to being pregnant with baby number two, Kate!


The Duchess looked happy and relaxed during her trip and at one point, she was even spotted lovingly rubbing her belly, saying, "Not longer now!" Kate's comment about forgetting she's pregnant came after someone complimented her on looking so trim at eight months, but I'm sure it's because she doesn't have any time to concentrate on her pregnancy this go round with a rambunctious toddler to tend to.

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As someone who's been pregnant with a toddler at home, I've gotta say: It's damn impressive that Kate is still running around with little Georgie. I did it with my daughter, but I'm not the future Queen of England, and if I could have had someone do it for me a few weeks before my due date, I certainly would have. Fascinators off to Catherine for being so hands on. 

It will be interesting to see how much help Kate winds up using after the newest royal is born. My guess is less than the average princess, but definitely more than she expects. Being pregnant with a toddler is one thing, having a toddler and a newborn is quite another!

Do you think Kate will have help after baby arrives?


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