Bobbi Kristina Brown's Boyfriend Nick Gordon's Wreck of an Interview Is So Sad

Oh my gosh. The latest drama to come out of the Bobbi Kristina Brown tragedy is an interview with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Nick Gordon and Dr. Phil, and it's beyond painful. He's obviously out of it, and appears to be inebriated with drugs and/or alcohol, and broke down crying several times, when he was slurring his speech and declaring his love for babies.


Nick apparently approached Dr. Phil about doing the interview to tell his side of the story after "being vilified" by the press. I have no idea if he really did have anything to do with putting Bobbi Kristina in the hospital (he's a "person of interest" in the case), but dang, I feel bad for him during this interview.

He's a complete and total mess, and it just goes to show how desperate for ratings Dr. Phil is that he even put this on the air.

The first half of the show is an interview with Gordon's mom, who is desperately afraid her son will try to kill himself. Later in the interview, he threatens that he will, if anything happens to Bobbi Kristina. Anyway, Dr. Phil goes to Gordon's hotel room, where he appears to be totally wasted out of his head. Like -- totally shit-faced.

In the elevator to the makeshift studio, he cries and begs Dr. Phil, "I feel like ... I miss Krissy and Whitney. Please don't put this on TV ... me crying, me being weak."

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When he sees his mom for the first time since Bobbi Kristina was found passed out in the bathtub, he ran to her screaming, "Mom, I would never hurt anybody. I love people. I love babies. Everything!" As they prepared for the "formal" interview, he confessed, "I've been drinking. I've done Xanax. And that's it. I’ve been sober besides that."

It's painful. It's awful. Why oh why is this man's suffering and shame being put on national TV like this? Why can't we look away? At several points in the interview Gordon just breaks down crying.

Dr. Phil keeps talking to him about getting into rehab, which he clearly needs. Man is out of his mind. Thankfully, TMZ is reporting that he is now being treated for drugs in an undisclosed location. Hopefully he'll never have to watch this nightmare interview himself.

Watch a clip of it here, if you can stomach it:

What do you think of this interview?


Image via Dr. Phil

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