Kim Kardashian Looks So Much Like Kris Jenner in New Photo It's Scary (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian says her new look was inspired by Madonna, but she's looking like someone else these days -- her mom! Of course, it makes total sense that the two resemble each other, moms and daughters usually do. But I'm not sure I've ever seen it this clearly before. Take a look:


Here's Kim and Kris sitting side by side at the Givenchy show in Paris:

What do you think? Except for Kim's ash-white locks, I think they look EXACTLY alike -- but I'm not so sure this is solely the product of genetics. I suspect it is also the product of plastic surgery and injectable fillers. Kim's cheeks and face look unusually plump, just like Kris's. Which makes sense as supposedly Kim has had her entire face plumped full of fillers. Then there's their lips -- both of them look like they've had their lips done.

And Kim's nose has definitely changed. She says she hasn't had any plastic surgery -- but her nose here looks almost exactly like her mom's, and, frankly, I think that's because they know the same surgeon.

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Kris looks good, so it's not like this is an insult or anything. But Kim isn't looking like herself these days, and she looks older than her 34 years. Hey, maybe they are thrilled to look like each other -- what do I know? Anyway, it's easy to see what Kim will look like when she ages -- Kris. Oh wait, she already does!

Do you see the resemblance?


Images via KimKardashian/Instagram and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment

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