Jamie Dornan Slammed for Not Being Man Enough to Play Christian Grey

On Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall played Samantha, a sex-crazed woman who would bed tons of guys—and she most certainly did not discriminate based on age and youth. But in real life, there's one actor the star can't stop slamming for the craziest reason imaginable. Cattrall thinks Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan is totally unattractive. What?!


Cattrall, who is 58, says that it might be her age, but that Dornan doesn't "look like a man" to her, that he looks like a "young boy," and that she likes "men to look like men." (Dornan is 32, by the way).

In case she isn't clear, allow her to elaborate. Cattrall says she saw the preview for Fifty Shades and within three seconds she thought "no," Dornan is just NOT attractive.

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Okay, different strokes for different folks. We aren't always going to agree on whether a person is good looking. Still, I can't help but feel she's exaggerating just a tad, no?

I respect what she has to say about her age influencing her sexual preferences and I can relate. I'm in my 30s and I will never get on board with the idea that Justin Bieber, even in his bare-chested Calvin Klein glory, is hot. In my eyes, he's a baby. But I can stand back and admit that he's a cute guy. I can understand why young girls flip for him (and some older women, because who am I to judge)? But, personally? Give me Mad Men's Jon Hamm and his suave, intelligent, confident self over the younger beefcakes of the universe any day.

What do you think about Cattrall's thoughts on Jamie Dornan? As you get older, is it more difficult for you to find younger men attractive?


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