Bruce Jenner Reveals Which Daughter He Wants to Look Like

If you're Bruce Jenner, you are fortunate enough to have lived in a household with five stunning young ladies, and so as you complete your transition into a woman, you've got lots of inspiration for style, makeup, hair, and general looks. But reportedly Bruce has his eye focused on only one of these gorgeous gals -- which one? reports that Bruce, who rumor has it will soon be transitioned to "Belinda," thinks that Khloe is the fairest of them all, and wants to emulate her "natural beauty."


A source tells the gossip site:

When it comes to his daughters and stepdaughters, he likes Khloe’s body structure most because she still has real curves and is tall. If Bruce had a choice, he would like to look like Khloe because she is healthy and not your normal Hollywood freak show.

Um, by "normal Hollywood freak show" does he mean, oh, erm, Kim?

Looking at Bruce so far, it would be difficult to say which daughter he resembles the most -- though it appears he's had his lips injected with fillers, which at least three of his kids (Kim, Khloe, and Kylie) have done. (Yes, I said Kylie! That's not lip liner!) As for his long auburn hair, the color does probably look most similar to that of Khloe.

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And since Bruce will never be as skinny as Kendall, Khloe seems the most logical choice body-wise. But you DO wonder how Bruce will ever get Khloe's bountiful booty. I hope he doesn't try to copy her pillowy lips though, because they are getting out of control and won't look natural on him -- they don't even look natural on Khloe!

How will Koko will feel about Bruce trying to copy her look? Hopefully, she will think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I also suspect that Bruce will eventually find his own style and become his own woman.

Just fyi, if I ever decide to become a man, I'm totally thinking Brody. Sorry, Rob.

Who do you think Bruce will look most like?

Images via Fresh/ and khloekardashian/Instagram

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