Kate Middleton Ousts Prince William as Most Important Royal

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Who here was interested -- really interested -- in the royal family before Kate Middleton joined? Not many of you. Who here liked the royal family, post-Diana, before Kate joined? Not many of you. Prince William and Prince Harry have always been likable boys, but aside from them, let's face it: The royal fam was fairly stuffy, boring, and old fashioned before Kate was made Duchess. And it isn't just me who thinks this. Royal biographer Andrew Morton just had some interesting things to say on Kate's role as a royal.


ln a March 10 interview on HuffPost Live, Morton said, "William and Harry have got the halo of Diana around them, and are still surrounded by their mythic light, as it were. Catherine has fit in nicely into their duo. She's added Madison Avenue glamour to the royal family." He then added, "At the end of the day, the royal family is what they look like, and she's a good-looking kid."

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Morton also spoke about how Kate is the epitome of a good girl, choosing not to get involved in anything remotely scandalous or unsavory during her courtship with Prince William. "For the people who want sensation, you're going to look elsewhere. Look to Harry and take him to Vegas," he said.

As much as a Kate Middleton scandal would be fascinating, it's never going to happen. Aside from the story that Kate had a poster of Prince William on her wall when she was younger, there is literally nothing out there about her -- and that's the beauty of her. So many of the royals have skeletons in their closet. It's so nice to see a fresh face who's exactly what she seems. You never get the feeling that there are ulterior motives with Kate.

Clearly, I'm not alone in being thrilled that Kate joined the royal family. Like Morton said, William and Harry have always been adorable, but it's so nice to see a woman's touch in there, too. Now we've just gotta find a lady for Harry.

Are you more interested in the royal family now that Kate is a part of it?


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