Kim Kardashian's Blond Hair Was a Result of Pure Spite

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If you've found yourself wondering during the last few days why Kim Kardashian made the decision to go platinum blond, Radar Online may have the answer to this pressing question. According to the site, Kim went blond to steal the spotlight from Kendall Jenner during Paris Fashion Week. Surprising? Kind of. But, definitely believable. 


According to sources, Kim hates it when anyone else in the family gets more attention than her, and that was set to be the case in Paris, where Kendall landed high-profile gigs modeling for Chanel and Fendi. A source said, "The whole family, aside from Kris, of course, thinks that Kim's intentions with going blond were purely selfish. She is supposed to be in Paris supporting Kendall, and the fact that she dyed her hair and did this drastic overhaul to one-up her younger sister is quite pathetic." The source also said that the blond is definitely not going to stick and Kim will be going back to her signature dark hair once she gets back to Los Angeles.

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For both Kim and Kendall's sake, I really hope this isn't true. That would an incredibly selfish and petty thing on Kim's behalf. When you hear the story, though, it does kind of make you think: Why did Kim choose Paris Fashion Week -- a time when it should be all about Kendall -- to debut this shocking new hairstyle? Hmmm ...

Whether this is gossip or not, I'm sure Kim will go back to being a brunette soon. This is a fun little hair experiment -- and it certainly got her an insane amount of attention -- but, who is she kidding? Kim, no doubt, looks best with dark hair. And I'm sure Kendall Jenner agrees.

Do you like Kim's blond hair?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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