Chloe Sevigny Slams Jennifer Lawrence in the Worst Way

Everyone loves JLaw, right? The Oscar winner is bubbly and pretty, and seems to be friends with just about everyone ... except for at least one fellow actress. Chloe Sevigny recently shared that she thinks Jennifer Lawrence is crass, and our jaws dropped on the ground.


In an interview for V Magazine's Spring issue, the Bloodline actress got into talking about personalities and images in Hollywood. She admitted that she worried about being typecast, and said she's "afraid that maybe people think there's more personality than acting ability."

"So much is about marketing and selling the product," Sevigny continued. "They'll have a really peppy funny girl on the talk show rounds, and everybody adores her and loves her and wants to be her or f--k her, and then so many more people want to watch the movie or TV show. I understand that star quality, how much value that carries."

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The 40-year-old had some praise to say for other actresses, calling out Angelina Jolie in particular. "I love when a movie star is a great movie star," Sevigny confessed. "I think Angelina Jolie is a great movie star. I don't think I can be that, or just be an actor. I don't think I have the charisma. Which is probably why I never reached another level."

In her next breath, she stated, "Jennifer Lawrence I find annoying. Too crass."

Well OK then! Yes, Jen has been a media darling ever since she marveled at having pockets in her gown on the red carpet, or said what everyone there was thinking about being hungry ... and that time she tripped over her dress on her way to collect her Oscar ... or the way that she tends to say whatever's on her mind in order to make people laugh ... but crass?

Even more than that, the Hunger Games actress confessed in an interview last year, "Nobody can stay beloved forever. I never believed it, the whole time. I was like, just wait: People are going to get sick of me. My picture is everywhere, my interviews are everywhere."

Lawrence went on, "I'm way too annoying because I get on red carpets and I'm really hyper, most likely because I've been drinking, and I can't not photo-bomb somebody if it's a good opportunity. But it's something I always tell myself: 'You need to calm the f*ck down. You don't want to constantly be a GIF.'"

This is obviously something Jen already felt self-conscious about, and given that she seems to have come down from her hyperness since then, it's just cruel to point out that she's annoying.

She's just trying to find her place in the world, just like any other woman in her mid-20s. Let's cut her a little slack, shall we?

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is annoying?


Image via Efren Landaos/PressLine/Splash

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