Kristen Stewart's Next Role May Scare More Fans Than 'Twilight' Did

Kristen StewartCry not for Kristen Stewart. Sure, her iconic role in the Twilight movies as well as her epic romance with Robert Pattinson may be done for good (or at least now!) but girlfriend is kicking some serious butt on the silver screen.


Did you know that a few weeks ago, KStew won the French equivalent of an Academy Award? Nyah to all you haters who say Krissy can't act! Okay, so you know the French love those American actors we can't stand (like David Hasselhoff and Jerry Lewis) but considering that she starred with Juliette Binchoche, the movie, called Cloud of Sils Maria, can't be all that bad. Word has it that KStew gives the performance of a lifetime.

And now she's been cast in the next Woody Allen movie. Stewie will star alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Bruce Willis in the auteur's latest, which we don't know much about yet. Bruce Willis! It must be nice to be Allen, who can pretty much get anyone he wants to star in his movies -- that whole molestation scandal hasn't seemed to slow down his ability to bag A-listers.

You have to wonder if KStew thought about this at all when she was offered the role? Did it cause her any hestitation? Knowing how tight-lipped she is, doubtful we will ever know!

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KStew will also be starring in an upcoming sci-fi movie with Nicholas Hoult, who is Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend, and who we all thought might be dating Kristen up until, well, it started to look like Kristen might be dating a woman. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Would you see KStew's movie with Woody Allen?


Image via KCS Presse / Splash News

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