Convicted Criminals Go On Field Trip to See 'Fifty Shades of Grey' to Help Make Them Better People

How's this for irony? Two female prisoners in England were given special permission to leave jail and take in a movie about bondage. Roseann McCreadie, 34, is has served three years of a nine-year sentence for selling heroin, while her 47-year-old friend Kim Gray is barely one year into serving her 40-year sentence for stabbing a cab driver. Yet both women were reportedly picked up from prison by a recently released inmate so they could spend the afternoon watching Fifty Shades of Grey.


The three women went to an ordinary movie theater and watched Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele while sitting next to moviegoers who had no clue they were inmates. Louise Mclachlan, the woman who was recently set free, purchased their movie tickets and escorted them as part of her effort to help rehabilitate fellow prisoners.

Her desire to do so is commendable, for sure, but does anyone else think it's odd that the women were given the right to take in a racy movie? I'm not opposed to them leaving jail with a chaperone if the intention is to perform charity work or take part in an event that encourages them to clean up their act. But 50 Shades should be regarded as a treat.

Do two female prisoners who are at the start of their sentences really deserve to have an afternoon of fun while taxpayers continue to foot the bill for their sleeping quarters and food?

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And what must their victims think of this special treatment? Gray reportedly stabbed a 61-year-old cab driver with a kitchen knife in a totally unprovoked attack that nearly killed him. I'd be pretty livid if I were him and I learned that, less than one year later, someone who ruined my life was out enjoying a sexy movie.

This is just all-around strange. It's odd that the prison allowed this, and it's bizarre to think of women forbidden from living freely watching a film about forbidden sex.

But, hey, it's not the first time a prisoner learned about the red room. In 2013, a male prisoner at Guantanamo Bay who was charged in the Sept. 11 attacks was given a copy of 50 Shades by a prisoner guard. He turned it over to his lawyer shortly after receiving it and claims he hadn't peeked inside.

What do you think about these prisoners being allowed to watch Fifty Shades of Grey?


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