Bruce Jenner's Sons Have First Glimpse of Him as a Woman

Bruce JennerWe've heard a lot about Bruce Jenner transitioning to a woman, but not much about him living as one. Whenever we see Bruce in public, he still seems to be a man. But behind closed doors, an insider says that Bruce has begun living and dressing as a woman -- and his sons Brandon and Brody have been there to support him.


A source says that Bruce has begun wearing women's clothing inside of his Malibu home:

The fashion choices Bruce is making behind closed doors are very tasteful and classic. Preferring solids to stripes and prints, Bruce has a very good eye for what looks good on him.

It's unknown whether he asks his sons for their opinion on his styles, but reportedly Brandon and Brody have been there as Bruce was fully dressed as a woman. The source claims it is not "weird" for them and that they both fully accept Bruce as a woman.

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I find it odd that it's not weird for them at all. Are they being truthful? I mean, it feels like they just managed to establish a relationship with their father recently, and now he's not really going to be the father they knew. He'll still be someone they love, but it would be foolish to think it's going to be exactly the same.

But it's good that Bruce feels comfortable enough with his sons that he can live the way he wants with them. And, hey, Bruce will have someone to help with those pesky back zippers! I wonder when Bruce will begin to do this with Kendall and Kylie and the rest of the family?

It seems great timing that Brandon and Brody rekindled their relationship with Bruce just as he will need all the support he can get. Now, Bruce just needs to start living life as a woman in public, too.

Do you think he should transition to a woman in public before getting surgery?

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