Bruce Jenner's Transition Will Be Complete Sooner Than We Expected

Bruce JennerEver since Bruce Jenner slowly began transitioning to female, he has started changing his looks. He grew his hair long, often wore it in a ponytail, tweezed his eyebrows, plumped his lips, and has sported both red nails and a French manicure. He even reportedly had a tracheal shave, which made his Adam's apple less prominent. But what about the main thing here? No, I'm not talking the hair in his nostrils, presumably he will take care of that. I'm referring to his penis, everybody. Let's just get it out there. Will Bruce have a sex change operation?


RadarOnline reports that after briefly putting his sex change operation on hold in the wake of his car accident, in which an elderly neighbor died, Bruce has now scheduled the operation for this summer.

Sex reassignment surgery from male to female is also known as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, genitoplasty, or penectomy. According to The Washington Post, in male to female surgery, the testicles and most of the penis are removed. Some of the skin is used to make a vagina.

I took the liberty of looking at some pictures of a surgically-made vagina, and I have to say, they look just like the vagina I was born with. And the few I've seen in pictures. Sorry, I have not looked at too many vaginas in real life!

The trans man will, however, retain his prostate. Surprisingly, the article says only about 25 percent of transgendered people have sex reassignment surgery.

Bruce is reportedly having twice weekly therapy sessions as well as hormone therapy.

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While this must sound like extreme surgery for most of us, someone who is transitioning must be eager to have his body finally line up with his brain. Still, no surgery is ever fun. Hopefully, Bruce has plenty of support and, if he truly is having this surgery, he will come out of it feeling like he's always wanted to feel.


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