Kate Middleton Reportedly 'Hires' Parents Carole & Michael to Live With Her

Carole and Michael Middleton

Even though she's a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton is a gal who knows how to get what she wants in order to live the more "normal" lifestyle she's accustomed to, even if she has to be a bit sneaky about it. We already know that her mum will be helping her out in lieu of a nanny when baby number two arrives, but now supposedly Kate has moved Carole and Michael Middleton to Anmer Hall under the role of "caretakers."


(That Kate. She's a clever one for sure.)

According to a new report, Carole is in charge of running the household, while Michael tends to the grounds and tackles the gardening and all that outdoor jazz.

Oh, and apparently Prince William is totally down with this arrangement. A source says, "William is very happy to sit back and let Carole take up the reins. She is ensuring that Anmer runs like clockwork."

And while they supposedly will only be shacking up at Anmer until Kate and Prince William's new baby makes his or her entrance, we can't help but wonder if this is all part of an undercover plan for Kate to have her parents as close as humanly possible for an indefinite period of time after she gives birth.

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Oh come on. Now that she has her mum and dad right down the hallway (or whatever), do you honestly think Kate will so much as consider kicking them to the curb when she has not just one, but two children to look after? She certainly won't have time for mundane tasks like keeping the house in order and tending to the flowerbeds, so it makes sense for Carole and Michael to stick around and give her a bit of a postpartum break.

And in addition to helping her keep the estate in order, surely Prince George will love having a little extra attention from Grandma and Grandpa since Kate and Wills will be busy tending to their new little prince or princess. How can Carole and Mike possibly move back to their home in Bucklebury given how badly they are needed right now? (Told ya Kate is a genius.)

Do you think Kate is trying to move her parents in permanently?


Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

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