Kylie Jenner's Butt Is Getting Even More Impressive Than Kim Kardashian's (PHOTO)

kylie jennerYou guys, we need to talk about something serious: Kylie Jenner's butt. What's going on with it? Is it real? Fake? What are its inner most thoughts? The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan stepped out in a body-hugging white skirt recently, and I'm sorry, but it's literally impossible to take your eyes off of her ample booty.


I suppose that people's bodies still change when they're 17, but wowzers! Kylie looks so different from how she did a few years ago. Almost unrecognizable!

kylie jenner

Va-va-voom! Kylie looks ah-mazing, but where'd that bod come from? Can I get one for myself? From the outfit to the overall package, Kylie looks eerily similar to her big sister Kim here, and I'm not 100% convinced this can all be attributed to genetics.

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With the exception of Kourtney and Kendall, all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters' butts have been, well, growing lately. Kim's always had an impressive rear, but both Kylie and Khloe seem to have somehow managed to make their booties more full. Good genes or good docs?

Even though it's hard to believe that this all is 100% au natural, I'm going to go and hope that it is in Kylie's case. No 17-year-old kid needs to be getting plastic surgery -- especially on their butt. Sigh, Kris Jenner, sigh.

Do you think Kylie's butt is real?


Images via Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Splash News

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