Kate Middleton Gives Up Beauty Routine for Baby's Sake

When we picture Kate Middleton, we think: flawless hair, beautiful wardrobe, and glowing complexion. But for the sake of her baby's health, the Duchess, who is set to give birth to her second child in April, made the wise choice to compromise on one of those three beauty trademarks. Kate has stopped spray tanning


The 33-year-old reportedly treated herself to weekly St. Tropez spray tan treatments because she lives in a country that isn't exactly known for its sunny climate and is hip enough to understand a tanning bed is not the way to go. But Kate was afraid of inhaling the mist while pregnant, so she ditched her tanning treatments.

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Which isn't to say she has embraced her pale skin.

Kate is now using DHA-free Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze and, boy, you just know the folks over at Bobbi Brown have been having a field day since this news was released because, we're sure, they're going to be swamped with orders.

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Anyway, good for her for being aware of the chemicals that are in her beauty products and for being willing to make changes for the sake of her baby.

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In case you're wondering about another skin product she apparently swears by, and has been able to continue to use during pregnancy, sources say Trilogy's Rose Hip Oil is one of her faves. Looks like Kate favors natural ingredients!

Did you give up any of your favorite beauty products when you were pregnant?


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