Katy Perry's 'Left Shark' Onesie Looks Ah-Mazing on These 6 Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Mar 6, 2015 Celebrities

Did you hear that you can now officially buy Katy Perry's Left Shark costume? No? Well, you can. The giant, uncoordinated fish that danced on stage with Katy Perry during the Superbowl this year now comes in onesie form. Sure, Left Shark became an overnight Internet sensation, but is this taking the whole thing too far? Probably. Will people buy it anyways? Of course they will.

Now, we've got some recommendations for some people who could actually really use a full-body, face-covering left shark onesie. Those people that we've just seen too much of lately and we really wish would zip that delicious blue polyester all the way up over their heads.

We wanted to make sure that they could really visualize how great they'd look as Left Shark, so we took the liberty of "trying it on" for them.

Who else do you think needs the Left Shark costume?


Image via @ParadiseHotel/Twitter; Katy Perry Shop

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