Kate Middleton Is Totally Paranoid Over Queen Elizabeth's Sneaky Move

kate middletonWho knows how much truth there is to this, but it's been reported for a while now that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth just can't seem to get along. From reports that the Queen thinks Kate's dresses are too short to stories that the Duchess is tired of Queen Elizabeth telling her how to raise her kids, the drama behind the Kensington Palace doors doesn't seem to stop. And today is no different. Apparently, Kate is worried people are spying on her for the Queen. #uncomfy


According to truth-telling magazine, Life & Style, some of Kate's employees -- a housekeeper and a landscaper -- have recently left their jobs with the Duchess to go work for the Queen. Kate, evidently, is concerned that these people are going to blab all of her secrets -- AKA her "bad-mouthing" the royal family -- to Queen Elizabeth. A source said, "They could spill her secrets to the 88-year-old monarch, with whom Kate has repeatedly clashed. Kate’s greatest fear is that someone in her house could be spying on her. She knows the queen doesn’t fully trust her, and staff members are very loyal to the queen. Kate would hate for them to tell her anything they saw or heard."

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Kate doesn't seem like a stupid woman. I find it a little hard to believe that, if she had anything bad to say about the Queen, she would do it in front of anyone she couldn't fully trust. Never mind them running back to Queen Elizabeth, they could run to the media! That would be far worse than a little drama within the royal family.

Again, it's hard to know if there really is tension between Kate and Queen Elizabeth, but one thing's for sure: It has to be incredibly awkward constantly hearing that there is, regardless if it's true. There have to be some pretty uncomfy tea times underneath their roof. How uncivilized!

Do you think Kate and Queen E are really fighting?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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