Jennette McCurdy Talks About Her 'Big Feud' With Ariana Grande

After tween show Sam & Cat got cancelled somewhat abruptly, there were rumors flying around like crazy that there was bad blood between Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, the actresses who played the title characters. McCurdy recently sat down with E! News and cleared the air about what went down between her and her Nickelodeon costar.


Given that Ariana has developed a recent reputation as a bit of a diva, we were really hoping for something juicy. Like maybe Ariana made her carry her around set so she wouldn't hurt toesies? No such luck -- apparently it was all overblown in the gossip mags, and the two remain close friends.

While promoting her new Netflix series, Between, McCurdy addressed the so-called feud between her and Grande. "I just feel that, you know Ariana and I were and are extremely close and very like-minded in a lot of different ways and then, sorta as the show dissolved, everybody wanted to find some sort of hidden meaning in our relationship," she said.

"Some like drama and I think we butted heads at times but in a very sisterly way. She knows me so well and I know her so well that I think it was unfortunate that things kind of got misconstrued."

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She also explained that the long hours on set bonded their friendship to impenetrable levels. She shared, "There is certainly like a friend dynamic but then once you're around that person for -- I mean, Carly, Sam & Cat --- once we didn't have child labor laws we could work like 16 hours a day so you are around these people constantly and It's just natural that you're gonna have ups and downs."

"But you bond so much and you're so close that you can't go through that experience and...I can't imagine a world where you would not come out extreme friends. I mean I have bonds with both Miranda Cosgrove and Ariana that are impenetrable."

As much as we may have wanted to hear about some exciting, behind-the-scenes gossip, it's nice to know that there was never really anything there, and they consider themselves "sisterly." Sister will definitely butt heads, but at the end of the day, they love each other and it's like the fight over who got the last Jolly Rancher never happened.

Did you think the drama between Jennette and Ariana was bigger than it really was?


Image via Jennette McCurdy/Instagram

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