Kate Middleton's Second Birth Already Sounds Scary

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Giving birth is no easy task. And when you're a princess it can be even harder. Sure, you've got a million and one people on hand, ready to massage your feet, wipe the sweat from your brow, and bathe your baby in Perrier the minute he's born -- but also, you've got stalkers. According to a recent report, Kate Middleton is at risk from about 220 stalkers when she gives birth. And that can't make for a relaxing birth experience, no matter how royal you are.


Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection at the Met Police, recently told The Mirror that events like the Duchess having a baby increase the danger of stalkers who've become fixated on the pregnant royal, along with her new baby. "They give rise to a greater likelihood of an incident," Davies said. "If you look back through history the greatest threat to the Royal family apart from the IRA has been fixated individuals."

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Ugh, that has to be a pretty terrifying feeling for Kate -- especially after we all saw the mob scene standing outside of St. Mary's Lindo Wing after she gave birth to George. Who knows what kind of crazy people were out there, or could be out there this time? And, remember last year when it was reported that Prince George had a stalker following him?! Poor Kate. I'm sure the woman just wants to give birth in peace, without worrying what nut jobs are outside the hospital.

The good news, though, is that authorities don't take this sort of thing lightly. According to Davies, "welfare and medication checks" will be done on anyone suspicious who will be near Kate during her birth. They're also looking out for potentially dangerous people online.

I'm sure everything will be fine for the Duchess when she goes into the hospital to give birth again. But, man, talk about an added anxiety you don't need.

Are you worried for Kate?


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