Bruce Jenner Breaks News of Transition to Kids in Unexpected Way

Bruce JennerOnce Bruce Jenner reportedly definitively decided he was becoming a woman, I imagine one of the most pressing things on his mind was how to tell his children. Or maybe the whole thing didn't faze him that much. I mean, if US Weekly is to be believed, he broke the news to Kendall and Kylie with the same amount of passion and drama he may have used if he'd told them was planning to dye the grays out of his hair.


According to an insider, it went down like this:

It wasn’t a jaw-dropping conversation. He literally started the conversation with, Hey guys, I’m becoming a woman. But I'm sure you probably already figured that out.

I can't imagine what it's like to tell your kids you're changing your sex, it must be incredibly difficult, and there is simply no right or wrong way to do it. However, I don't think this was the best way to go about it.

Minimizing the change in such a fashion, with a "hey, it's no big thang" atttiude, may make the girls feel that they have to feel the same way. Perhaps they will feel they can't ask pointed questions. Perhaps they will feel they can't show any anger or disapproval or even shock or sadness. After all, in some ways, they are losing the dad they've always known. That isn't to say they won't love Bruce the same way, but I think it's healthy for everyone to acknowledge that the Bruce they've always known and loved is going away forever. This shouldn't be denied, dismissed, or minimized because Bruce may feel awkward talking about it.

This way of phrasing things also puts the onus on the kids to have known what was going on -- when they may very well may not have. If Bruce was telling them that the tabloids were lying, and then turned around and said, "Oh, but you knew this was happening," then he's created a breach of trust. From now on the kids are supposed to believe the tabloids over their father?

Oh, and there was reportedly one more thing Bruce told the kids -- he supposedly asked them to stop calling him Bruce and start calling him by the female name he's selected (reportedly Belinda.) Obviously, this would have only applied to the older kids who call him Bruce.

You know, that's a big deal. It's going to take them awhile to get used to that. If Bruce really did break the news in such a shoulder-shrugging way, that denies the kids the chance to explore all the feelings they have about his change, some of which may be quite profound.

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I guess we'll all get a chance to see how it unfolded, since reportedly the scene was filmed for KUWTK. Wow. That's one episode you may not want to miss!

How do you feel about how he broke the news?


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