Kim Kardashian Lets North West Use Her Makeup

With her Roberto Cavalli dresses, $50,000 Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings, and daddy's bulletproof vest, we already know that North West's wardrobe is a billion times more ... interesting than ours. But now there's this: Kim Kardashian has revealed that her 21-month-old daughter already knows how to apply makeup like a boss.


Kim says North will open her blush, grab a brush, and apply it to her own cheekbones. The tot is as equally interested in her lipstick, which she puts to her lips like "she knows what she is doing." Given the fact that the little girl has a fur coat and a closet filled with nearly as many designer black dresses as her mom, is anyone shocked that she feels inspired to live a glam life?

I'm sure people are going to weigh in on this and decide that North dabbling in cosmetics means Kim is a bad mom. Which is ludicrous. I'm getting flashbacks of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruises's daughter Suri parading around in heels at age 3. That fashion choice was questionable, but in no way meant Katie and Tom were inferior parents. It was just ... odd.

This bears no resemblance to the toddler/high heel debate. North isn't showing up at events with her parents wearing bright red lipstick. She's doing something that a lot of little girls—and boys—do: imitating her mother because she wants to be like her.

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This would be no different than a young child pretending to bang away on a fake computer, talk on a phone, or try on her mother's heels. North is identifying with her mommy and trying to follow her morning routine.

And, before anyone slams the reality TV star for profiting from her appearance and mentions how that isn't the best example to set, I agree. But many of us have a cosmetics bag and this same thing happens every day in our own bathrooms with our little ones. It's no big deal.

Do you think it's okay for Kim to let North experiment with her makeup?


Image via 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

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