Kim Kardashian's Platinum Blond Hair Just Blew Our Minds (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Uhhhhh. Apparently she wanted to outdo Khloe Kardashian's bold new do, which is why Kim Kardashian went platinum blond, a look she just revealed to the world as she departed her hotel in Paris. OMG, people. She's gone the lighter route before, but this?


Honestly, "platinum" probably isn't even the right description for the new hue of Kim's shoulder-length locks. I'm not exaggerating when I say her hair is BLEACH-blond. Check it out.

Kim Kardashian

Good GAWD! It doesn't even look like her at first glance! But you know what's really weird? It's not all that bad. While Kim definitely looks much more natural as a brunette, she's still somehow managing to pull off the blond bombshell thing -- to the point where we certainly don't hate it.

Of course, odds are good this new shade is only temporary and she'll be back to her signature darker locks before we can blink. But hey, she might as well enjoy the extra attention for as long as she has it. Maybe she'll find out that blondes really do have more fun?

What do you think of Kim's platinum color?


Images via KCS Presse/Splash News; TGB/Splash News

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