Khloe Kardashian Threatens Kendall Jenner Over Scott Disick 'Affair'

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This whole Scott Disick having an affair with Kendall Jenner thing is getting weirder -- and more elaborate -- by the minute. On Wednesday, we heard that Kourtney threatened to take the kids away from Scott because of his relationship with Kendall -- and that was shortly after we heard that Scott proposed to Kendall! And today there's new gossip making the rounds: Supposedly, Khloe has warned Kendall to back up off of Scott or else. Is there truth to this? Possibly!


A source told Star magazine (I know, I know), "[Khloe] hadn’t realized things had gotten so out of hand between them. She told Kendall she needed to back off and distance herself from Scott, for everybody’s sake." The report goes on to claim that the relationship between Kendall and Scott is tearing the Kardashian-Jenner family apart, and that this was the "final warning" from Khloe to Kendall.

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I'm finding it pretty hard to believe that there's actually something going on with Kendall and Scott, but if there was, and people knew about it, it definitely seems like Khloe would be the one to say something and try to put a stop to it. She's definitely the most outspoken of the bunch -- and she's definitely the closest with Scott. (Besides, you know, Kourtney.)

I'm starting to feel bad for Kourtney, Kendall, and Scott. These rumors, although ridiculous-sounding, definitely have to make for some serious awkwardness for everyone. Khloe seems like the kind of person who could take being at the center of rumors that she's involved with Scott, but Kendall seems like quite a different story.

Hopefully, for everyone's sake, this gossip will be put to bed soon and we'll be on to the next Kardashian rumor.

Do you believe that Kendall and Scott are involved?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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