​Violent Femmes' First Song in 15 Years - We 'Love Love Love Love Love' It (LISTEN)

violent femmesMany, many, many years ago I crammed into a van with a bunch of friends because half of us didn't have our own cars or licenses to go see the Violent Femmes. "Blister In the Sun," "Gone Daddy Gone," "American Music," "Kiss Off," "Add It Up" blasted from the tape deck -- we could not get enough, singing at the top of our lungs on the way to the show. Then singing and yelling and dancing for the entire concert. And now, 15 years after their last recording (and 32 since their debut), the Violent Femmes are back with a song full of ... LOVE!


As we patiently wait for Spring, as most of us live in what feels like an igloo state, as we are so sick of snow days and sick days and snot rags and waiting for some beacon of goodness, the Violent Femmes have come along and make us feel ready to go on ... like a blister in the sun.


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"Love Love Love Love Love" is the first released song and shows the mellow side of the Violent Femmes. It's the perfect tease to have me excited for the four-song EP they are releasing on Record Store Day (April 18th) called Happy New Year. It was recorded in Hobart, Tasmania, on New Year's Eve, and I'm betting they still have that punk, folk, gypsy, pep fans love so much. Also, the record is going to be printed on "champagne clear vinyl."


The Violent Femmes always had an energy that no one else seemed to have, especially back when they first came out. They were angsty and smart and had that carefree vibe that resonated with the youth of yesterday. And I'll bet today, too. I can't help but think of The Decemberists, Devendra Banhart, Modest Mouse, and Beirut when I hear the Violent Femmes' new song. And of course the Femmes came first, so I'm guessing they will be gaining a whole new generation of fans.

And because we have to hear it, feast your eyes and ears on a live version of "Blister In the Sun" with the coolest mullet you'll ever see.

What do you think of the new song? Are you excited for the EP?


Image via Violent Femmes/Twitter

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