Kendall Jenner Marrying Scott Disick Is the Most Insane Thing We've Ever Heard

Kendall Jenner Scott Disick

Apparently the rumor mill just wasn't satisfied with the false story about her being knocked up with her sister's boyfriend's baby, which is presumably why there's a new tale out there claiming that Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick are getting married.


(I know. It's so far-fetched, we feel sort of shameful even mentioning it.)

According to Star, Scott blurted out the words, "We should get married ..." while in a drunken stupor.

A source claims "he told Kendall how unhappy he is with Kourtney, how the passion is gone in their relationship. And in the same breath he talked about running away with Kendall. He's desperate to start fresh."

OMG. Are you even believing this?

The source went on to add:

She (Kendall) actually told him to stop and told him they had to end 'whatever this is.' She begged him to go home to Kourtney and make things work, because she didn't know how they could carry on without destroying the family.

Good grief. If the mere idea of Kendall and Scott cheating behind Kourtney's back after giving in to temptation isn't bad enough, suggesting the two of them would be so bold as to get engaged is just plain preposterous.

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For starters, Kendall is only 19 and her modeling career is just starting to take off, so something tells me she's in no rush to settle down with her sister's drunk baby daddy and start a family of her own, or whatever.

And second, Scott may be a lot of things, but stupid most certainly is not one of them. Do you honestly think he'd be dumb enough to propose to Kourt's younger sis when he's had no intention of committing to her over the years -- even though they have three kids together?

I'm sorry, but this rumor is seriously even more insane than the one about Kendall being pregnant, to the point where it's hard to fathom where Star comes up with this stuff.

I mean, obviously the whole Kendall/Scott thing had to start somewhere, and it's not impossible to believe that there was some sort of not-so-innocent flirtation going on between them. But the idea of the two of them truly being anything more than (sort of) in-laws is just is honestly as unbelievable as it gets.

Do you ever think Scott would really leave Kourt for Kendall?


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