Kristen Stewart's Chanel Ad Will Make Robert Pattinson Weep (PHOTO)

kristen stewart

Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Kristen Stewart is a beautiful woman. And the Twilight actress is showing off her signature pouty pants face in a gorgeous new ad. Stewart is the new face of Chanel, and she couldn't possibly look more different -- or more stunning -- in her most recent photos. Rob, eat your heart out!


KStew is modeling Karl Lagerfeld's new 11.12 bag, but it's hard to even focus on the purse with that face! And that haircut! Kristy looks great with an edgy mullet. Thoughts?

If there's one thing Kristen is known for -- besides, you know, her relationship with a little actor named RPattz -- it's her, well, attitude. Kristen never really seems to be enjoying anything too much, and as weird as it sounds, that actually works out really well in this ad.

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Also, something about this shot makes Kristen look more mature than normal, doesn't it? She looks like a confident, bad-ass lady who you wouldn't want to mess with.

When I first heard that Kristen was the new face of Chanel, I kind of rolled my eyes. I mean, yeah, she's very pretty, but I figured we were going to see the same classic Kristen expressions, making the ads a bore. But, clearly I was wrong. This came out gorgeous -- it's actually hard to imagine anyone else as the model. Work it, sister. And nice work, Karl. I think you're gonna go places.

What do you think of Kristen's new ad?


Image via Splash News

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