Man Pulls the Ultimate Oscar Prank & Gets Treated Like a King (VIDEO)

If you won an Oscar award, you'd remain true to yourself and nothing would change, right? Impossible! One man proved a little golden statue is all it takes to make people fall at your feet and the world become your delicious oyster when he pulled the prank of all pranks and pretended he was an Oscar winner.


With the help of a company called New Media Rockstars, Mark David Christenson was able to fool everyone in Hollywood into thinking he had just won an Academy Award on Oscar night .. for what, exactly, nobody knows. And no one even asks—the mere fact that he's carrying his "Oscar trophy" around town is enough to give him his access to places, people, and free merchandise.

Christenson created a fake acceptance speech and kept a little video of it on his iPhone, just in case someone called him out on his victory. But, surprisingly, as he made his way up and down Hollywood Boulevard and stopped in at a movie theater and big Oscar bash, not a single soul questioned the validity of his claim.

Instead, they asked to take selfies with him, congratulated him on his win, claimed they had seen his movie and acceptance speech, and even gave him free movie tickets, Gatorade and CONDOMS.

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How bonkers is that?! Perfect strangers want to hug this guy in the street. He gets a woman's phone number. As he makes his way past a tent full of police officers in order to get into an exclusive Oscar after-party, they don't even ask Christenson for his name. That little trophy—and the tux he's wearing—are the Golden Tickets in La La Land.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't automatically assume this guy is lying if I met him on Oscar night and he claimed he had won for directing or writing a short film I'd never heard of—but I'd like to think I'd be suspicious of anyone toting his Oscar around town. I'm pretty sure the winners have their handlers handle the business of putting the statue somewhere safe while they party the night away.

You have to see this video to truly comprehend the crazy:

Would you have fallen for this prank?


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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