Jim Bob Duggar Gets Down & RAPS In Church (VIDEO)

Jim Bob Duggar can take a joke—and he can dish one out. The super-conservative 19 Kids & Counting dad is probably the last person on earth you'd expect could keep a beat while rapping along to any song, but he was a great sport, and tried his best, when he agreed to take the stage with a Christian comic and perform a rap. And we've got the video to prove this miracle took place!


While wife Michelle sat on a chair on stage cracking up, Jim Bob and comic Anita Renfroe decided to shake things up at a fundraiser held at Grace Polaris Church in Columbus, Ohio.

The dad threw on a pair of shades and agreed to act as Anita's wing man as she broke into her rap, "In Tha Muthahood."

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Sample lyrics: "Catch 'em riding dirty, swipe it shove it in the diaper pail." Both Jim Bob and Michelle can certainly relate!

I was rooting for Anita to give Jim Bob a little more to do on stage—maybe next time she'll kick him an entire verse? We hope? But it was worth watching this until the end because the song is cute and funny AND both Michelle and Jim Bob bust out some very cool hip hop hand signals at the very end.

What do you think about Jim Bob Duggar's rap debut?


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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