'50 Shades' & 'Batman' Mashup Shows An Even Hotter Christian Grey (VIDEO)

As far as superheroes go, Batman has always been a player. He doesn't have a Lois Lane—he has a Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle, Linda Page—and now, thanks to this amazing mashup video, an Anastasia Steele. This hilarious (and hot) Fifty Shades of Grey/Batman mashup proves the two films should join forces to make the single most amazing movie of all time.


The video parody pokes fun at Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne, by comparing him with the infamous Christian Grey.

And who knew the two men had so much in common? They're both filthy rich and handsome urbanites who get off on power, success, and beautiful, but intelligent, women.

They both wear masks. They're both sexy as hell. Well, I should say, Christian Bale, the actor who played Batman, is insanely sexy. Batman, as a superhero who fights crime—not so much.

Which leads me to my next point.

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Jamie Dornan is a cutie pie and he owns the role of Christian Grey. But, holy hotness, watching Dakota Johnson have fake sex with Christian Bale kind of makes you wonder how he would have fared in 50 Shades, doesn't it?

Dornan has a sweet, cutie-pie side to him and he's also 9 years younger than Bale, but there's something about the American Psycho actor—an irrestible dark side—that just makes you believe he'd be totally capable of keeping a red room.

Check out the funny and hot mashup and let us know what you think:

Do you think Christian Bale would have made a good Christian Grey?


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