Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend Nick Gordon Tweets Desperate Posts to Her Family

Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a medically induced coma in an Atlanta hospital while some of her family members refuse to leave her bed side, and others are (shockingly) profiting by this tragedy by continuing to film a reality TV show. If anyone is wondering how Bobbi's boyfriend Nick Gordon fits into all of this, he doesn't. Her family is still reportedly refusing to let him visit her. And Gordon made his feelings load and clear Monday by posting a series of desperate tweets about it.


Just a recap before we begin with Twitter exchanges, because we're going to be here for awhile. More than one month ago, Bobbi was found face down and unconscious in her bathtub. She was rushed to the hospital, where was was placed in a medically induced coma. The only attempt to remove her from the coma reportedly resulted in Bobbi experiencing seizures so doctors, again, placed her back in a coma.

It was discovered that she and Gordon may have been having problems prior to the tragedy. Sources say she was reportedly abusing Xanax, heroin, and cocaine before the incident, as well. There were reports that her injuries indicated foul play may have been involved and fingers pointed at Gordon.

There has honestly been no end to the drama, and one of the biggest sagas involves Gordon not being able to see Bobbi at Emory University Hospital. Her family, including dad Bobby Brown, reportedly loathe Gordon and haven't been silent about it.

On Sunday night, Gordon took to Twitter to admit he likely didn't handle things the right way with Bobbi:

As you'll see, he vacillates quickly from feelings of remorse to rage and sadness. Another tweet followed shortly after that one:

A slightly different tone to that one.

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And Gordon continued, but this time—just half an hour after tweeting about not giving Bobbi CPR fast enough—he appears to have forgiven himself:

And then he called out Bobby Brown in a way that he probably immediately regretted doing:

Immediately following that post, he realized he should include her entire family:

And then back to taking a swing at Bobby:

He is dealing with a lot, I'll give Gordon that. Although I always feel it's wiser to keep your thoughts to yourself or phone a friend, he isn't the first person to use social media to express his anger. And, clearly, Gordon has had enough and wants it known that he feels like he is being treated unfairly by Bobbi's family.

I feel for the man, but that's an easy thing to do so when you don't know all of the details about their relationship or what actually happened the day Bobbi was found unconscious. I do know that Gordon isn't helping his case, or making friends with anyone close to Bobbi, by tweeting about the matter.

We aren't the ones you need to convince, Nick.

What do you think about Nick Gordon's tweets and how he is being treated?


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