Duggar Family Slammed Over Sledding Antics (VIDEO)

The Duggar family recently decided to make the best of winter hell by sledding in their backyard. Another wholesome awwww moment, right? No. Because Jill Duggar's husband and father-to-be Derick Dillard posted a video of himself sledding into a cat while the Duggar family cheers him on. Cue the Crucifixion.


The 19 Kids and Counting Star posted this video on Instagram, which shows him being pushed in a sled by brother-in-law Ben Seewald while an orange kitty sits at the bottom of the hill and looks as frozen as a sculpture. He laughs and says, "move, cat," but his sled has been pushed in the cat's direction.

It doesn't help that the others are laughing, as well, because if you aren't a fan of the family, you're probably going to assume they're chuckling at the possibility that Derick will hit the cat.

Here's the video:

Sledding with friends and family at the Duggar home :-) #smallestsled

A video posted by Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) on

Quite a few people have criticized Derick and the Duggar family for this video. Some resorted to making silly, immature remarks about their "hillbilly" nature, but most of their complaints were along similar lines as this one, posted by an Instagram user named sunshinedaydreamer24: "Hurting one of God's creatures? May God do the same back to you. You are to God as the cat is to you."

If Derick was actually purposely trying to hit the cat, it wouldn't matter if he were a Kardashian, there is no excuse for animal abuse. I'm pretty sure most people would agree.

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But, because his identity—and the identity of the reality show that is affording his family a nicer life—is SO connected with Christianity and faith, he has to expect that people are scrutinizing his every move and waiting for him to appear "less Christian" so they can pounce on him and say, "gotcha!"

I'm not defending Derick and I'm not condemning him. Sadly, I wasn't invited on their sledding excursion and couldn't tell you whether he was maliciously trying to torpedo into an innocent kitty cat. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just say this: the man seriously needs to be more savvy with what he puts out there on social media. He had to know that some people would make this assumption, right? And that they would think this is very un-Christian behavior ... because it is?

And if he posted this video because he, for whatever insane reason, thinks it's funny to try and hit a cat with a sled, well, there really are no words. Religion and faith have nothing to do with it—no human should hurt another human or animal. Case closed.

Do you think Derick purposely tried to hit the cat with a sled? What do you make of the Duggar backlash over this?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram


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