​Teresa Giudice's Prison Time Is So Much Worse Because of Joe

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I'll be honest, despite my hopes for prison sentences to change Joe Giudice, I wasn't holding my breath. And if these recent reports about Joe's abhorable behavior are true, I was right as rain. According to Radar Online, in addition to dodging Teresa's calls from the slammer, Joe, and the rest of her family, haven't been visiting her. Yes, Juicy Joe, the man more or less responsible for putting his family in this terrible position, is too busy doing god knows what to pick up the phone for his wife. Lovely. 


A source told Radar, "Teresa has hit a wall and she’s feeling the blues because she’s fully faced the reality of what living in prison and being cut off from loved ones means. Time just seems to go by so slowly." They also mentioned that although Teresa is chalking her missed phone calls and visits up to scheduling conflicts, it still stings. "She lives for those visits and it upsets Teresa so much when they don’t happen," the source said. "There have been a lot of tears over it."

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It can't be easy for any parent to juggle the wants, needs, and schedules of four young children, but it's more than likely that Teresa's parents are helping Joe out with everything. He should make it a priority to be around when his wife calls so that both he, and the kids, can talk to her. He also needs to make time for visits. How would he feel if Teresa doesn't take the girls to see him when he's locked up?

Like I said, I was pretty doubtful that prison sentences were going to change Joe Giudice at all, and at this point, it really doesn't look like they have. That said, he's still yet to be locked up himself -- maybe, just maybe, he'll do some changing them. We'll see, but I wouldn't put my money it.

Do you think prison will change Joe?


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