Taylor Swift Calls Out Her Sexist Critics & Has the Last Word On Katy Perry

Taylor Swift just gave The Telegraph one of the most honest and riveting interviews of her life. In addition to revealing she's a total neurotic (an adorable thought) and a person who values friends who have their own lives and aren't hanging out with her because she's the most interesting person in the room (refreshing), she tackled questions about her love life. And her answers will make all of her sexist critics think twice before they judge her.


Swift knows darn well she has gotten a reputation over the last few years as a man eater who publicly humiliates the guys she dates by writing not-so-nice songs about them after they break up. Hallelujah to her for calling that exactly what it is: a "sexist" way to describe heartbreak songs, which is really all they are.

Taylor was doing what most artists do and using her personal experiences to inspire her music. Since she's a young woman, many of those experiences will naturally involve learning about herself and love through successful and failed relationships. Men never get the kind of crap she did for dating and it's pretty clear she was seen as an easy target because she was young. And female. And nice.

Good God, she's even nice when she explains how everyone has busy lives and "they don't have time to form a complex opinion" of her and her music. Can we all just give her a break now?

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Taylor says she isn't focused on love right now, which is pretty apparent to anyone who has visited her Instagram page lately and seen the many photos of her and her 1 billion BFF's and fans just living life and being happy. What I found super fascinating was that the 25-year-old says she's pretty sure her chances at finding love by age 30 are nil.

She says she predicts she'll be a single, crazy cat lady because "no one's going to sign up for this," referring to the constant media attention she gets. Aww, not true, Taylor! You are totally going to marry Prince Harry and have his babies and neither of you know it yet!

Anyway, Katy Perry. No topic is more boring than their apparent "feud," but Taylor knew it was the elephant in the room that she had to address—and she did so with class.

The singer was brief and to the point: she said she never, ever, ever plans on speaking Katy's name in interviews so that she doesn't give anyone anything to write about. That's it. The perfect answer to the question that is really none of our business anyway.

Are you taking notes, Amber Rose and Kanye West?

What do you think about Katy's message to her "sexist" critics?


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