​Lady Gaga & Vince Vaughn Take the Plunge Together

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Hey, remember that time Lady Gaga was vomited on (on purpose) during a show? That's so the old Lady G. The new Lady G -- the one who just got engaged to Chicago Fire hottie, Taylor Kinney -- is all about getting our attention for positively awesome reasons. Lady Gaga just took the Polar Plunge, along with her fiance and Vince Vaughn, in order to benefit the Special Olympics. For those of you unfamiliar with the Polar Plunge, it entails swimming in Lake Michigan in the middle of February in practically nothing. I think I may have just gotten hypothermia by proxy.


Gaga wore nothing but a t-shirt and leggings into the ridiculously cold water, while her future husband went shirtless (hello!). In an attempt to describe how frigid it was, Gaga wrote on Twitter: "My weave froze!! Taylor gave me his hat I thought my wig was gonna freeze into and become one with the lake."

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Out of all of Lady Gaga's crazy antics, this definitely could be my favorite. Not only is she doing it for a great cause, it's so sweet seeing her and her fiance team up like this. He seems to be having a really cute influence on her -- and vice versa.

lady gaga

Gaga, of course, has always been charitable and prolific in raising awareness for worthy causes, but also ... she's been a little insane. While it's refreshing to see someone who goes against the grain and doesn't do everything everyone else is doing, some of her antics in the past have seemed solely for shock value.

Maybe it's because of Kinney, but recently, Gaga seems to be expanding -- in a good way. In addition to the Polar Plunge, she also sang songs from The Sound of Music at the Oscars (so mainstream!), and even signed on to appear in American Horror Story. Who is this woman?!

Looking forward to seeing what else Gaga has in store for us lately. My guess is it's only going to be good things. And it isn't going to involve vomit -- which is always a plus. 

Would you ever do the Polar Plunge?


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